CBSE Update- CBSE Results 12th Class expected to be announced on 28th May 2012   CBSE 10th class results have been announced for all the regions. CBSE announced the results for the Chennai region first for the 10 class. The pass percentage in the Chennai region is 99.66%. The results is very good and it [...]

About AIEEE The All India Engineering Entrance Examination better known as AIEEE is said to be one of the toughest engineering exams in the country for students wanting to find a place for themselves in the multitudes of engineering colleges across the country. This exam is taken up by students who want to pursue engineering,…

CBSE Results 2012 – The official website for CBSE Board Results. is the official website for all CBSE results. You can find all India CBSE, ALL INDIA ENGINEERING ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (AIEEE), CTET, IIT-JEE, AIPMT, All India PMT and other competitive exams results there. CBSE Board R…

Study tips for science For the longest time our society was obsessed with a degree in science. Anything else was frowned upon. One of the main reasons for this was the difficult and hard to understand topics that come under the ambit of science. It is not a language that we easily understand and neither [...]

Study tips for History  History is a medley of stories from the past, so students should read it like that. Students of history often get disoriented thinking what they are studying is useless because it is dead and over. That’s the first big mistake you commit as a student of history. You have to understand [...]

Study tips for English Today English has become our first language.  Whether or not we are ready to accept it the fact is that not knowing how to communicate in English is a serious drawback as a student, as a professional and also as a person in society. However it is also true that English [...]

Study tips for Economics   Economics is almost like a foreign language and while you may be able to pass by mugging it up, the subject is so vast that it will take decades for you to cram up everything. So the best option therefore is to understand economics and relate it to everyday life, [...]

How to study physics Physics is physical science; therefore it deals with things like sound, heat, light, energy, electricity, mechanics and atomic structures. While in school we study basic principles and fundamental laws, it’s in college that we get into the subject in its full extension and start understanding why a cert…

How to Study Biology Effectively Biology is a very graphical subject so study with the help of diagrams. It will not only register better you will also be able to remember it with ease during your exams. Reading the day’s syllabus before the class starts or before you go for your class keeps you at [...]

How to study chemistry Effectively Chemistry can give the best of us a major scare, but with a little bit of discipline and consistency in performance chemistry could well go on to be your favourite subject. Nothing happens miraculously in your exams. How you fare in class and how well you do your assignments will [...]