How to Score High Marks English

How to score high marks in English


Some students seem to have it easy. They can just sit and write and get great marks in English. But many of the students have a problem with getting good grades in English. If you happen to be in the latter, do not worry. Here are some tips to help you score high marks in English.

Time management

Usually an English paper is divided into 4 sections. These four sections compromise of an essay, comprehension, letter writing and the grammar portion. Many students tend to spend the better part of the hour writing the essay and then hastily going through the other sections. This is one of the main factors in a student getting poor grades.  Ideally a person should spend thirty five minutes writing the essay, twenty minutes on the letter writing, twenty five minutes on the comprehension and the rest for the grammar portion. You know that you will go overboard so it is always better to keep a shorter time frame. This way you will have enough time to complete all the section.

Answering the questions

Many students feel that they have to answer the questions in a systematic order. This is not true at all. As long as you number them correctly, it does not matter whether you answered a or b first. In an English exam it is always considered best to complete the grammar portion first. This will not take much time as the other three portions. After completing the grammar portion than you can do the comprehension or the letter writing.  You should complete the portion that you feel is the easiest first as this will save you many precious minutes.

Writing an essay

For many students writing the essay is the most difficult bit of the English exam. The easiest way of writing an essay is by choosing a topic and sticking to it. You will just be wasting time if you write half of it and choose a different topic. Decide the topic which you like the most and stick with it. After choosing the topic, make an outline of it. You should decide what you want to put in your introduction, body and conclusion.  Your essay should flow. It does not need to have flowery language. If your vocabulary is not that great than it is much better to stick to simple words than write a word that you are not entirely sure of.  As long as you stick to your outline and can convey it in proper sentences and languages, you should be able to do well.


Comprehension is easy as all the answers are right there. The best way to find the answers is to speed read the first time and then read it slowly the second time.  It does not matter if you cannot understand what you are reading the first time. Then you can start underlining the answers. The most difficult part in the comprehension section would be the summary. First you have to find the summary bit and then write it in rough. The best way to do this is draw 5 rows and 20 columns.  And then whatever is extra you can start cutting it out. You have to understand that you need the gist of the summary and points that are not important can be cut.

Letter Writing

A formal letter has a certain format. You should practice the format and once you know it then it will be very easy for you to write the letter. One has to understand that the format is more important than the content. You will be graded on your format.


The grammar portion needs a lot of practice. In this case, practice makes perfect. You should go through all the mock tests and sit down and practice as much as you can. This is the only way you can score high marks in English.

These English study tips will help you score high marks in Egnlish.

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