How to Solve Question Paper

How to solve question paper

Board exams are an important part of a person’s lives. It helps in deciding the person’s future and the college that one will get into. Studying is half the battle and solving the question paper is the other half of the battle. If you cannot manage to solve the question paper on time then all the preparation and studying you have done will not matter at all. So is there a trick to solve the question paper? Well, there may not be a trick but there is a guide to help you solve you the question paper in the best way possible. There are some tips below to help you guide your way through solving question papers.

Examination material

You should prepare your examination supplies the day before. You should carry extra pens and pencils. You do not want to be that person that has to borrow pens from others. It will lose you time and disturb others. You should have your school supplies handy and kept in a neat pile. You can also carry something to chew on like mentos or chewing gum, it will help you concentrate and focus.

Time Management

The first part of solving a question paper is to divide your time accordingly. One should spend the first fifteen minutes reading through it. You know what questions are there and which ones you can solve easily. You should start choosing the questions that you want to solve.  By doing this you will get rid of the confusion and you know exactly which ones you want to attempt. Now you can divide your time per section. Do not forget to leave some time aside for reviewing through the paper.

Answering the questions

You should answer the easy questions first or the ones you remember first.  When you answer questions that you know first, you save time.  This also gives you time to remember answers to the more difficult ones. Do not dilly and dally. If you cannot remember the answer, leave it for now and come back to it when you have completed the rest of the question paper. While answering, you should remember that there is no negative marking.  Even if you are not sure of the answer, it is better to write than not to write. You might get some points for it which is better than none. Do not forget to read the instructions as well. Many students try to answer more questions than they are asked to do. This will only lose you precious time and annoy the person grading your exams.



Presentation is very important. A student has to understand that a teacher will be grading hundreds of papers and will not have time to decipher your handwriting. You should write neatly, legibly, and it should be big enough for the teacher to read it. Neat handwriting will be appreciated. You should also underline headings and write in bold the topics. Untidiness can cost you marks.  You should also start writing on a new page for each new answer.



After you have completed solving the question paper, you should go through your answers. Many students make careless mistakes which can cost them dearly. Revising your answer paper will also ensure that you have not missed out on anything.  And if you have missed a question, then you can always complete it. This is an important process because you will know how well you have done in your exams.

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