How to study chemistry – Tips to study, learn chemistry Effectively

How to study chemistry Effectively

Chemistry can give the best of us a major scare, but with a little bit of discipline and consistency in performance chemistry could well go on to be your favourite subject. Nothing happens miraculously in your exams. How you fare in class and how well you do your assignments will be a clear indication of your performance in the final exam.

Chemistry is not just theories; it’s also a practical subject so practice everyday till you have the formulas and the rules crystal clear in your head. You cannot look at your teachers solve the problems and think you can do it too. You will not know it till you have tried it yourself, so practice and practice hard. It will keep you in good shape for the final exams.

Focus and concentrate when you are studying. Chemistry is not cakewalk, so pay full attention in the classroom. If you do not do that than the subject will be Greek to you later. If you do not understand a certain portion of the syllabus ask questions right there till you are completely clear. Do not be worried about being called a nerd or a nincompoop by your fellow students. They will also come to you when they have trouble in the final exams.

Revise and practice your syllabus everyday with full dedication and concentration. Half- hearted preparation will get you half-hearted marks as well. So when studying, do it with full concentration.

For college students the course syllabus is going to be huge. Take it one chapter at a time. Do not be intimidated by the size of the syllabus. If you break it into small parts and study a little everyday and you are home. Stay connected in class. So before you go for your class make sure you have revised the previous day’s syllabus. This way you will be with the teacher when she refers to the chapters she has already taught you. The human mind forgets, its natural so keep going back to your notes.

Make notes while in class, and do not write it down in a complicate language. The subject is complicated already so break it down to simple words and simple analysis. Write down all that you know, make prompts wherever possible and save them for last minute revisions.

Solve the problems on your own first and try as hard as you can to get it done. Do not open the book as soon as you see the problem. It’s not going to get you anywhere. Stay calm in the hours leading up to the exam. If you have given your 100% to the preparation then there is no reason for you to be worried.

Since the course is divided into practical and theoretical modules, pay attention to both. It is easy to score in your practical exams so pay attention to it and prepare well for it. If you do well in your practicals, you will not be so stressed about the theory exam.

Chemistry is not a subject that you can memorize, so focus on understanding and learning it even if that is taking longer time than you think.


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