How to study math

How to study math to score high marks

Most of the students have a phobia of math. They fear nothing more than sitting down and giving a math exam. Especially during the time of board exams, where it is so important to score high marks to get into the college and the course of your choice. There is a certain amount of prestige attached to it. Everyone wants to be that golden boy or girl by scoring high marks in math. Here are some tips to make life easier for all the students to guide them on scoring high marks

Practice makes perfect

How many times have we heard this clichéd quote that “practice makes perfect”. In the case of the subject of math, it is very true. The more you practice; you familiarize yourself with the problems and sums. And most of the time, the problems are the same except for the numbers. So to score high marks in math you will have to set aside a couple of hours every day to sit and practice math sincerely.

Solving past 10 years question papers

After finishing your revision you should sit down to solve past 10 years’ question papers. This exercise will help you immensely.  Do not skip any year or try to solve the question papers selectively. By solving all of them you will know the basic framework and pattern of the paper.

Finding a tutor

Many students take tuitions but while doing so they do not look for a tutor that they feel comfortable to talk to. There is no point in hiring a tutor if you cannot talk to them openly and express your opinions and doubts without being made to feel stupid. The tutor should also not have too many students tutoring at the same time as you. Personal undivided attention is good. Tutoring can help you as there may be certain areas where you are weak at. It will be better to have an expert show you the way to solve a problem then have you making wrong guesses. Because you have to keep in mind that will be practicing the same way of solving a problem. If you learn to solve it wrong than you will make the same mistake in the exam.

Study Atmosphere

You should find a place to study which is quiet and does not disturb you. If you think that listening to music will help you focus and concentrate than you should do that. You can practice math during those time when you need to take a break from other subjects. You do not have to practice math continuously.

Time Management

One of the main things that students stress about is about being able to complete the question paper on time. Especially when it comes to math many student have a difficult time working in a particular time frame. The first thing to do is to read the whole question paper for fifteen minutes.  Then you should divide your time appropriately. Start by solving the easy short problems first and leave the long ones for later. You should leave at least fifteen minutes of your time for reviewing your paper in the end.  One careless mistake can cost you your answer so you should carefully review your answers, going through each one of them slowly and solving them mentally.  Solving question papers also helps you in time management. You can work on your speed and try to finish the paper faster than your original time. You also tend to be aware of how long it should take you to complete each section.

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